Cowboys Plan To Use Combine Week To Work On Long-Term Deal With Zack Martin

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are going to be a busy team over the next few months.

As the Cowboys prepare to make the right moves this off-season, they must find ways to look towards the future.  One of those future talks must be about their offensive line, and getting their All-Pro guard signed long-term.

Zack Martin might be getting pushed towards the back burner by the media.  He is currently under contract as the Cowboys picked up his fifth-year option, therefore, won’t become a free agent until the 2018 comes to an end.  That doesn’t mean Dallas doesn’t want to get the deal done this off-season.

The top priority this off-season will be to get DeMarcus Lawrence signed!

With Lawrence getting the franchise tag, Dallas can move some of their attention towards Martin.  This way they can try and avoid free agency with one of their best players next year.

The Cowboys are hoping to start their talks with Martin during the Combine week.  Stephen Jones realizes they have some work to do, but he also knows that the two sides want to make it work out (via Kate Hairopoulos).

“I’m always optimistic. Usually when we want to get something done we can figure it out. It takes 2 to tango. …Certainly he’s a great player, he’s a guy we want to have a Cowboy uniform on for the rest of his career. …We’ve got some work to do.”

The Cowboys handed out a lot of money to both Travis Frederick and Tyron Smith.  They realize that Frederick and Smith were one of the best at their position, therefore, rewarding that with their new contracts.  This is what will happen with Martin, as he looks to become the highest paid guard, maybe lineman, in all of football.

Will the Cowboys get the deal done this off-season, or will they need to finish the contract following the 2018 season?

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