Cowboys Will Use Tender On David Irving

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have a pair of pass rushers to decide on this off-season.

Everyone knows the decision Dallas has regarding DeMarcus Lawrence.  They will put the franchise tag on the talented edge rusher, while they work on a long-term deal.  They also have a major decision on what to do with David Irving as well.

The Cowboys won’t make a long-term decision on Irving!

Irving will have to show the Cowboys that he can stay healthy and, on the field, before they make a long-term commitment on the defensive lineman.  He is a very talented young player but has been unable to stay on the field.  Whether it’s due to injury or suspension, Irving can’t stay on the field for a full season.  That is tough for Dallas, because they know the talent he carries on the field.

When in the lineup, Irving has proven that he is a force in the middle of that line.  Put him with Lawrence and the Cowboys had one of the better combos in the league upfront at getting after the quarterback.  However, he missed a chunk of time early for suspension, while missing the end of the season with a concussion.

The Cowboys know what kind of impact Irving has, therefore, they will be putting the tender on the defensive lineman.  Stephen Jones doesn’t know what level they will put on the young player, but they will do so (via Pro Football Talk).

Dallas could use a first, second, or original round tender on Irving.  If they use the latter, Dallas wouldn’t receive any type of compensation if another team signs him to an offer sheet, and Dallas doesn’t match it.

I would assume Dallas will put a second-round tender on Irving.  It would appear unlikely that anyone would sign him to an offer sheet with a first-round.  However, if they go the second-round tender route, it will be a little more likely to see someone sign him.  At that time, Dallas will decide to either match the contract, or receive the draft compensation for losing Irving.

Pass rushers don’t come available very often, it will be interesting if someone tries to sneak Irving out of Dallas!

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