Cowboys Won’t Do Any Sort Of Babysitting With Zeke

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys won’t spend additional time worrying about what their star running back is doing off the football field.

Everyone knows that Ezekiel Elliott has had issues with his off-season plans.  It’s not that he was found guilty of anything, despite the league’s suspension.  However, it is more about needing to mature as a young player in this league.  Realize that you have more eyes on you than the average person and think before you do.

Elliott has a significant impact of what will happen in Dallas moving forward!

The Cowboys know they need Zeke to have the success they are looking to have.  If this team is to be considered a Super Bowl contender, Elliott must be in the lineup.  We saw that first hand during his six-game suspension.

The Cowboys struggled on offense with Elliott out of the lineup, despite splitting the six games.  They might have gone 3-3 in those games, but they were not the same team without their star running back.

The learning process has begun and Elliott knows he must handle himself better off the field!

Stephen Jones is impressed with how Elliott has handled himself off the field since being suspended for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.  However, he also knows this team has a lot to worry about this off-season and will not spend any additional effort babysitting their All-Pro running back (via Pro Football Talk).

“You can only do so much” Jones said, via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News. “These are grown men. I have a lot of confidence that Zeke has learned a lot. Hopefully he has. Because if he has and he changes his behavior and he’s able to stay on the field, we all know he can be one of the greatest to ever play the game, if he takes care of himself and takes care of his business off the field. I think Zeke wants that. He’s a competitor. I think he wants to be one of the best.

“He certainly knows that he’s got to take care of business too. We’ve had great players that have had to do better before. Michael [Irvin] will tell you that he had to learn valuable lessons. But he turned out to be a Hall of Famer.

“I think if Zeke will pay attention and do the right things off the field and be responsible then he can certainly have an amazing career.”

Elliott isn’t just the best player on the field when he is out there.  He also proved to be a team leader for this offense.  Elliott makes this team better with his play, and leadership.  He can’t help them on the sideline, and he knows this.

Elliott has learned from his mistakes and will be better for it moving forward!

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