Dak Joins Elite Company In Loss Sunday

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys lost a very important game Sunday in Atlanta.

The outcome may have not gone in their direction, but it wasn’t due to the play of their franchise quarterback.  Dak Prescott was forced to run for his life at times on Sunday afternoon, as well as getting destroyed.  The play of his left tackle was unacceptable, whether it was Chaz Green or Byron Bell, Dak got no help from his blind side.

Prescott joins rare class in loss to Falcons!

Prescott did join elite company when it comes to touchdowns early in his career on Sunday (via Jon Machota).

“Dak Prescott now has 50 combined passing and rushing TDs in his first 25 career games.  Only others to do that: Dan Marino, Daunte Culpepper, Kurt Warner.”

Two of those names are currently in Canton at the Hall-of-Fame in Marino and Warner.  the difference between them and Dak is his mobility in and outside of the pocket.  Dak is just as good with his legs as he is with his right arm, if need be.

With the rushing touchdown on Sunday, that put Prescott at 11 career rushing touchdowns, to go along with his 39 passing touchdowns.  Good enough for an average of two a game over his first 25 NFL games.

Despite the loss, I think Prescott showed a lot as he still looked okay in the pocket.  The frustration could have been a lot more visual from Prescott.  He gave it his all on Sunday, especially with the play in front of him, or lack their of along the line at left tackle.

Hopefully we can hear that Tyron Smith is able to return this week as the team prepares for their division rivals.  The Philadelphia Eagles come into town with their division leading 9-1 record.  If Smith can return, it will only help this offense, especially with Ezekiel Elliott out of the lineup.

Do you think Prescott and the Cowboys can get back on track Sunday night?

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