Dak Prescott Did Everything He Could To Give Team Best Shot At Winning

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys were happy to see Aaron Rodgers leave the state of Texas last night.

Aaron Rodgers makes himself at home at AT&T stadium!

During the last two games that Aaron Rodgers has played at AT&T, he has made it his home.  We all know how great of a player he truly is on the football field, but his success at the Cowboys home is crazy.

With that said, the Cowboys young quarterback put his team in position to win on Sunday.  However, Dak Prescott just got beat by the best in the game, just as many do.  Prescott did everything he could to help his football team win on Sunday, but sometimes your best isn’t good enough.  That seemed to be the case on Sunday at AT&T.

Delaying the touchdown for just a play may have been the only thing Dak did wrong.  Take a knee and maybe that forces the Packers to go for the tie late.  The touchdown to give the Cowboys the lead late, left Rodgers just enough time to deliver his own game-winning drive.

Prescott scored with just over a minute to go in the game, something you hate to do with someone like Rodgers on the opposite side of the field.  But what are you going to do, tell him to kneel it at the one?  Of course not, you are going to pump your fists for the score, and just cross your fingers that Rodgers doesn’t do what he did.

A solid stat line for Dak Prescott, something he would trade in for a victory!

Dak finished the game with 251 yards passing and three touchdowns thru the air, along with the interception.  He added 37 yards on the ground and another touchdown.  The lone interception was not his fault, Terrance Williams was in great position to make the catch, but just failed in doing so.

Prescott isn’t the one to blame for this loss, but you know he will be the first to say that he missed some plays out there.  The thing is that Dak can’t play defense for this team.

It’s the defense that is a big part of this early season struggles.  Something that they need to get figured out, if they are to turn this thing around.

Tough loss heading into the bye week for the Cowboys!

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