Dak Prescott Excited For What He Sees In Jaylon Smith

Dallas Cowboys

It’s been a long time coming for the Notre Dame linebacker.

The Dallas Cowboys are expecting big things out of their second-round pick, Jaylon Smith.  The injury he suffered during his final collegiate game kept him out of his rookie season last year, but he is ready to go in 2017.

The hype surrounding Jaylon Smith grows each week, despite not playing a down in an NFL game atmosphere!

With the game on Saturday, the Cowboys might get their first glimpse of the former Notre Dame linebacker.  If not, the Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett said it will absolutely happen this preseason.

It isn’t just the fans that are anxious to see the debut of the Cowboy young linebacker.  Dak Prescott is also looking forward to the debut of his fellow draft class mate.  Prescott was taken in the fourth round during the 2016 NFL draft, Smith went in the second-round that same year.

Prescott says that he is pulling for Smith, along with the rest of the team and organization.

“We all pull for a guy like Jaylon as I hope anybody on this team and in this organization does.  I’m excited to see him in a game.”

The nerve is regenerating, but is not at full strength yet.  Some wondered if that would ever happen, but it appears that at some point, that nerve will be back to its full strength.  If that is the case, the Cowboys made a smart move by using that second-round pick on Smith.

Learning behind one of the best in the game can only help in Smith’s game!

The best thing that Smith could do is learn behind a player like Sean Lee.  It appears that he is doing just that.  Prescott mentioned that he is right on the hip of the veteran linebacker.

“He’s right there on Sean Lee’s hip, learning everything he can.”

With all the injuries and suspensions this defense has to start the 2017 season, they need a little bright light.  That is exactly what will happen if Smith can be on that field come September 10 against the Giants.  No reason to think that won’t be the case, even if it is at a limited role for this young defense.

What are you expecting out of Smith this year?

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