Dak Prescott Just Broke His Silence And Every Cowboy Fan Needs To See THIS!

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys rookie quarterback will do something that only 16 others have done at his position.

Per ESPN Stats and Information, Dak Prescott will become the 16th rookie quarterback to start a playoff game in the Super Bowl era.  That era goes back to 1966 and in this time frame, only six of those rookie quarterbacks won a playoff game, combining for a total of eight victories in the playoffs.  However, in all of the eight victories, each rookie threw for less than 200 yards and no more than one touchdown.

This can be good news for Prescott as they are a run-first football team with rookie Ezekiel Elliott and their offensive line, but they also are playing a team that Dallas will more than likely need to score plenty of points in to get the victory.  With a date with Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, the Cowboys may ask their rookie quarterback to do a little more than usual to keep up with Rodgers on the scoreboard.

It is unlikely that the Cowboys will limit Green Bay to less than 24 points just by the way their offense has been clicking as of late.  This means that they will either have to be very productive with Elliott, which is very possible, or see their rookie quarterback have a big day on Sunday afternoon.

The Cowboys would love to turn around and hand the ball to Elliott for 30-35 times as they salt the football game away, but Rodgers has a way to force teams into situations that they are not wanting.  Putting the ball in the hand of Prescott is one of the ways this Cowboys team can get away from the game plan.  Nothing against Prescott, but no one wants to go heads up in a shootout against Rodgers and this Packers offense.

If the Cowboys are to come out of the divisional round weekend, you would think that it has to do so by the legs of Elliott running behind this dominating offensive line.  That is exactly what I feel happens on Sunday afternoon mixed with a few big time throws by Prescott.  The Cowboys have gotten to this position with Elliott leading the way and it only seems fitting to continue this great run with their fantastic rookie running back.

Prescott is going to be the seventh rookie quarterback to win a playoff game, but the total will go up by three at the end of these playoffs!

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