Dak Prescott Knows This Offense Must Change

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys offense must change if they are to be a Championship contender.

The Cowboys struggles in 2017, especially when Ezekiel Elliott went down.  They scored 10 or fewer points in three straight games, the first time in franchise history that happened.  To be held to that number for three games is tough to do, as history tells us.

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To pour salt in that wound, Dallas had to witness their bitter rivals lose their share of player but have success.  Philadelphia won the Super Bowl, while losing their All-Pro left tackle halfway thru the season.  They followed that up by losing their starting quarterback, one that likely was the favorite to win the MVP award if he stayed healthy.

What happened with Dallas, and why did Philadelphia overcome the losses and stay successful?

It’s simple, the Eagles had a system in place that worked for most players.  While the Cowboys offense is based on the personnel that they have.  Take Ezekiel Elliott out of that lineup, and we saw the failure on offense.  Take the Eagles best player, and they continued success due to the system they had in place.

It’s a double whammy for Cowboys fans.  Not only did we witness this football team struggle after finishing the year before as the top seed in the NFC.  We also had to witness the Eagles win their first Championship, a truly nightmare scenario for all Cowboys fans.

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Dak Prescott is ready to get back to work.  He is also ready to improve himself, as well as the entire offense.  Prescott has an idea to improve his offense, and it includes looking around and taking bits and pieces from other teams.  All while making sure the scheme Dallas puts together fits a team, not just the personnel of their staring unit (via NBCDFW.com).

“I think it just means if you watch a little bit of maybe what the Panthers are doing or what the Chiefs did, just the RPOs, the run-pass options, just allowing me to use my feet if necessary more,” Prescott told USA Today in Minneapolis. “Allow me to go out there and be more comfortable in everything I’m doing.”

It’s all about putting the ball in the hands of your play makers.  By doing a wide range of run-pass options, you can put the defense on edge.  However, you also can take the ball out of your best players hand, Elliott.  This is Dallas must do with their offense.

Make sure you give the ball to Zeke plenty, but be creative with how you do it.  Make defenders second guess loading the box up and give them multiple looks at where the ball is coming.  Take those shots downfield more often, while using the ground game to your advantage.  If you continue to run the ball well, you will open the big plays down field.  To do this, use your running back and quarterback’s strength to your advantage.

Fixing this passing game might be easier than most think, but that will likely come with the change in scheme!

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