Dak Prescott Ready To Make A Kid’s Dream Come True

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback is much more than a play maker on the field.

There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Dak!

When it comes to the Cowboys and their organization, it begins with the franchise quarterback.  That spot used to belong to Tony Romo, but a rookie named Dak Prescott took that spot.  He came in for an injured Romo and never left the starting quarterback position.

It isn’t all about on the field when determining how important Prescott is.  He is just as important off the field with his character and the way he works with the community in and outside of Dallas.  That is what makes Prescott the player he is and why he is a fan favorite, it’s not just about football for the former Mississippi State quarterback.

Proving that Prescott isn’t just great on the football field!

Per bloggingtheboys.com, we hear so much about what a humble person Dak is, and now we have an opportunity to see it.  Recently a young man named Raymond Melgarejo, who lives with Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis, had a wish to meet his hero, the Cowboys quarterback who wears #4.  With the help of the Dallas Cowboys and ESPN, a very special memory was made as his wish was granted.

Dak Prescott featured on ESPN’s “My Wish” series from ESPNFrontRow on Vimeo.

This is something that is great that the NFL does, along with the players involved in these “My Wish” episodes.  For these stars to take just a few minutes out of their time is wonderful.  It allows these kids to step away for a split second from the horror in which they live.

I can’t imagine the pain some of these kids live with on a daily basis.  Plenty of people in this world live a rough life, and most of us get upset for the smallest things.  The next time you have a rough day, think of those that live it on a daily basis.  They are the true hero’s for what they have to go through.

It’s stories like this that makes you proud to be a fan of Prescott and the Cowboys.

Tune in this Sunday at 8am and 11pm (ET) to watch the first episode of the “My Wish” series this season.

Proving that he is not just a great football player, but a great human being as well!

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