Dak Prescott Ready To Prove That Accuracy In 2016 Was No Fluke

Dallas Cowboys

The rookie season of Dak Prescott was both an impressive and jaw dropping at the same time.

This time last year, the Dallas Cowboys didn’t know what they had in their fourth-round quarterback.  Following an injury to Kellen Moore in the Organized Team Activities, Prescott was jumped to the backup quarterback role, but still had the Cowboys franchise quarterback ahead of him.  Following the injury to Tony Romo in the third preseason game, Prescott was thrown in at the starting job, a job that he would not give up once he received it.

Even a healthy Romo couldn’t shake Prescott out of the starting quarterback position.  The rookie season of the Cowboys rookie quarterback will likely go down as the bench mark for upcoming rookie quarterbacks.

Per Bleacher Report, Prescott was one of the most accurate passer in the NFL during his rookie season in the league.  He set an NFL record for rookie quarterbacks with a 67.76 completion percentage, completing 311 pass of the 459 attempts he threw.  He also threw 23 touchdowns, while only tossing four interceptions.

It took Prescott a while to gain the chemistry on the deep ball with his top wide receiver Dez Bryant, but that came little by little and will get better as the pair continue to work on it in the off-seasons and during practice.  He didn’t do a whole lot of dink and dunk type of routes, at least from the middle of the season and on.  Like many rookie QB’s, the Cowboys shortened the play book for their rookie quarterback, but opened it up more and more during the season as he proved to be the quarterback of the future.

As he gained the trust of his offensive coordinator, Scott Linehan, the play book began to open more and more.  It showed as he continued to make smart decisions with the football on a weekly basis.  Did he make mistakes here and there?  Absolutely, it happens, but he learned from those mistakes and didn’t make the same one twice.

Cowboys quarterback coach Wade Wilson doesn’t see any sort of a sophomore slump coming for his quarterback in 2017.

“He’s improved strength-wise, flexibility-wise, speed-wise, quickness-wise, so he’s not resting on anything that went on last year,” Cowboys quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson recently told the Dallas Morning News. “He had a phenomenal rookie year. He’s been out here working the whole offseason and taking over a little bit more of a leadership role this year that’s kind of innate with the position, but it is his personality as well, and the guys are really responding to that.”

The Cowboys are considered one of the favorites to make it to Super Bowl 52 and come out of the NFC, that is possible because of the young man they have under center!

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