Dallas Making A Change On Their Offensive Line

Dallas Cowboys

The offensive line for the Dallas Cowboys will be getting a new look.

The Cowboys have a big decision to make on Zack Martin in the next year.  That decision being, how much they will be paying the top offensive guard in football?  It’s not if it happens, it’s more of when it happens.

We know the Cowboys will be signing their All-Pro guard, it’s just depends on if it’s this off-season or next year.  Dallas would be smart to sign him this off-season to a long-term deal.  We talked earlier this week on what it would benefit for the Cowboys to sign him this off-season, click here to view.

Calm down, nothing is happening on the actual offensive line!

The change for Dallas and their offensive line will be taking place with their coach.  Multiple reports say that offensive line coach, Frank Pollack will not be returning to the team in 2018.  Therefore, the Cowboys will be looking for his replacement (via Pro Football Talk).

The Cowboys interviewed former Bengals line coach on Wednesday (via Ian Rapoport).

“Cowboys are interviewing long-time Bengals O-line coach Paul Alexander today for the same position, source said.  Very respected.”

It’s been an off-season full of letting coaches walk.  We haven’t reached the Super Bowl yet, but Dallas has let a handful of coaches walk in 2018.  Jerry Jones made it clear that his head coach and coordinators are safe, but as we see, that doesn’t include all the coaches.

Will this change at offensive line coach have an impact on this team?  If so, will it be negative or positive?

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