If Dallas Is To Sign D Law, It Won’t Be Cheap

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have said they will likely put the franchise tag on their talented defensive end.

Earlier this week, the Cowboys said they are going to put the franchise tag on DeMarcus Lawrence.  This would allow the team to work on his long-term contract while not taking a chance on losing him to another team.

Lawrence and the Cowboys have the starting point for his long-term contract!

Talks won’t get started for the long-term deal until next week, but don’t expect much to happen unless its near Olivier Venon’s contract (via Tom Pelissero).

“The Cowboys have yet to speak with DeMarcus Lawrence’s agent about a long-term deal. That’ll change next week in Indy, but don’t expect talks to go anywhere unless Dallas offers at least Olivier Vernon money — $17 million a year.”

Look for the Cowboys to get close to that money.  They realize a slap in the face offer will not last and they might as well start high.  It won’t be the amount that Lawrence wants, but that is why the two sides will go back and forth.  Dallas is looking out for the team, but they realize elite edge rushers don’t come around very often.  The same goes for Lawrence, he will be looking out for his future, but also knows this is a business and Dallas has additional players to sign.

Coming off a dominating contract season, Lawrence will be worth every penny of that.  Lawrence tied for second in sacks last year with Jacksonville’s Calais Campbell.  I would expect the contract to be somewhere near the five-year version that Vernon got last season.  He received $85 million, and the Cowboys will likely come somewhere between $80-$90 million over those five years.

Hopefully Dallas doesn’t mess this up and is able to get this deal done quickly!

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