Is Dallas Willing To Back The Money Truck Up To DeMarcus Lawrence?

Dallas Cowboys
Demarcus Lawrence

The Dallas Cowboys must find the way to bring back their young defensive end.

The year that DeMarcus Lawrence had in 2017 will go down as one of the best in Dallas at that position in a long time.  The last time that the Cowboys had someone that could get after the quarterback like Lawrence did, shared his first name.

DeMarcus Ware is the best pass rusher to play in Dallas.  He would be and probably is proud of the season that Lawrence had in 2017.  The 14.5 sacks by Lawrence was good for third most in the NFL, but led the Cowboys by a wide margin.

It won’t take a small amount of money to retain Lawrence’s talents in Dallas, therefore, Dallas must come strong.  Lawrence will have plenty of suitors to line up for his services this off-season.  He is set to get paid like the top tier talent he was in 2017 (via Bleacher Report).

Lawrence picked the right season to have his best season!

In a contract year, DeMarcus wanted to put his name on the map with pass rushers.  He did that plus some with the season he just finished with.

Lawrence’s season puts him in the same money bracket as Chandler Jones, Calais Campbell, and J.J. Watt.  Pass rushers like them don’t come around very often.  Therefore, Dallas must find the money to bring him back in 2018.

Some may worry that he had an insane year, and might not be able to duplicate that season.  You can’t think that way with pass rushers.  If he is the player that he was in 2017, and Dallas lets him walk, they will feel it for years.  This league is built on edge rushers and Lawrence proved to be one of the game’s best in 2017.

Lawrence wants to come back to Dallas and the Cowboys seem to have a mutual interest.  This is why a deal will get done, but it will be up to the two sides to make both parties happy with that new contract.  This is a business, and both parties know that.  Lawrence will look after himself, as the team will do so for the organization.

Dallas has an option, if they can’t get him signed long-term, but it won’t be ideal.  If the contract doesn’t happen right away, look for Dallas to slap the franchise tag on him.  This would allow him to stay in Dallas, while the two sides work on that long-term deal.

How much is too much to sign Lawrence?  Or is this one of those blank check type of deals Dallas must do?

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