Darren McFadden Not Ready To Give Up On His NFL Career

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys will be forced to play the next six games without their All-Pro running back.

With the unfortunate news of Ezekiel Elliott losing his injunction and having his six-game suspension reinstated, Dallas needs someone to step up.  The first option seems to be Alfred Morris to take over the starting running back duties.

Last week, the Cowboys went as far to say that Morris would be the starter with Elliott starting his suspension at that time.  Zeke would get that last second stay, allowing him to play in the game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Is it time for Alfred Morris, Rod Smith, or Darren McFadden?

Fast forward to the current week, and we are in the middle of another Elliott suspension news.  This time, it appears to be a done deal and Zeke will indeed begin that six-game suspension.

One name that many are leaving out is Darren McFadden.  He is a player that the Cowboys relied upon in 2015, a year that he ran for 1,000 yards for this football team.  The thing is that he has been a healthy scratch for each game this year.

For McFadden, he knows he can get back to work and have an impact for this football team.  He knows it will take a few snaps to take the rust off, but it won’t be long (via 247 Sports).

“I think it all starts with practice. I know game speed is different but that’s where it starts,” he said, via the team’s official website. “I’ve been going against our first-team defense. I think I’m going to be a little rusty but it won’t take me long to knock that off.”

Speed has never vanished this veteran RB!

At 30-year old, McFadden knows he still has it to be productive for this football team.  Therefore, he is confident that he can still get the job done.  If McFadden gets behind the defense, there will be no catching him by anyone on that defense.

“I definitely still have speed to break away,” McFadden said, via Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “So if you see me in the open field, don’t look for me to get caught. …I’ve seen Al run 70 yards, Rod run a 45 yarder and I definitely don’t look to get caught from behind if I get an open field. Just out there practicing running around and watching myself on film, I still feel like I’m the same guy.”

Do you think McFadden still has the speed?  Should he get a look as the starter in place of Zeke?

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