With David Irving In Mid-Season Form, Dallas Might Have The Best Combo In The League

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have one of the better pass rushes up front.

With DeMarcus Lawrence and David Irving, the Cowboys have not one, but two options to get pressure on opposing quarterbacks.  Not only can they put pressure from the outside on the edge, they can also do it up the middle as well.

Many QB’s hate to have pressure from the middle and right at their face.  That is what Irving has been able to do on a regular basis.  Since his return to the football field from his suspension, Irving has recorded five sacks.  Add that to the 10.5 that Lawrence has, and you have a nice combination moving forward.

The Cowboys have a tough test on Sunday against the AFC West leading Kansas City Chiefs.

They will bring an offense that has played very well, but have had problems up front with their offensive line.  For the Chiefs, you don’t want to have an offensive line that has had struggles, especially with this dynamic duo coming at you.

Last week, Lawrence was able to record a sack again.  He has been able to grab at least one in every game this year.  Good enough to enter this week as the league leader in sacks.  He is on pace to break Michael Strahan’s single season record.  Not to be outdone, Irving added a pair of sacks at Washington.

For the Cowboys to make the playoffs, they will have to go a minimum of 9-7, but most likely 10-6.  Sitting at 4-3, the Cowboys need to take care of business at home.  That includes these tough games like this Sunday against the Chiefs.

Irving has stepped right in to give Lawrence that complimentary pass rusher he needs.  Both players have a shot at breaking the Cowboys single season sack record by DeMarcus Ware.  Let’s not forget that Irving has done his damage in four less games, as he missed the first four due to suspension.

It’s not out of the question to consider the Cowboys with the best pass rushing duo in the league.  Sack totals for both Lawrence and Irving prove that alone.  I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of a competition between the two on who records the most sacks each game and at season’s end.  Lawrence might have the advantage early, but it will be opposing teams that suffer, as Irving makes his case for best pass rusher on the Cowboys.

Lawrence and Irving only help one another, but who is the better player on this defense in your eyes?

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