DeMarcus Ware Finds New Role With Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

When you speak on former Dallas Cowboy greats, DeMarcus Ware’s name is near the top of that list.

It’s hard to put a list together of former Cowboys greats.  The reason this is true is because of the names that would need to fill that list.  Dallas has had some incredible talent walk thru those halls and play with the star on the side of their helmet.

One former great would make many All-Time great lists!

The Cowboys selected the former Troy standout in the first-round of the 2005 NFL draft.  The pick would turn out to be one of the team’s most productive ones in team history.  Not only did Ware fit the bill in terms of talent and what he did on the field, he was also a fan favorite for his generosity off the field as well.

His teammates were lucky to have him as one as well.  When time comes, he will have many former teammates sending him congratulations on making the Hall-of-Fame.  He is a sure-fire first ballet inductee when the time comes.

Ware looks to come to the Cowboys as a mentor, but only if the team will allow it!

According to 247 Sports, Ware has been named the Cowboys ambassador, along with Drew Pearson.  The two will help welcome the fans of the NFL during the week of April’s NFL draft.  However, Ware doesn’t want to stop there, he wants to have a bigger role with this Cowboys team as a mentor to players in Dallas.

“But I’m talking about really making an impact this year,” Ware said when asked about helping out the defensive line group in 2018. He spent only one day last season with the assist but really wants to dig his heels in now. He’ll get no gruff from defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli, who welcomes all the wisdom Ware brings to the table.

“[Marinelli] loved it because he knows I’m a technician and that’s what he predicates his game off of,” Ware said. “It’s about technique, knowing the strategy and that’s what I do very well and he enjoyed when I was out there.”

Many want to see Ware return to the field, but that isn’t going to happen.  Ware is done playing this game, but still wants to be part of the game.  What Ware can bring to this team can be more than playing.  He can bring his insight of being an elite pass rusher.  Look what he did with Von Miller in Denver.  That can be DeMarcus Lawrence here in Dallas with the coaching of Ware.  He already has the skill set, but to learn the special talent it takes to be truly elite is priceless.  That is what Ware can do for Lawrence, as well as David Irving.

Would you love to see Ware have some sort of coaching role with the Cowboys in 2018?  What kind of impact would he have on a young defense?

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