If Denver Isn’t In The Plans, Emmanuel Sanders Prefers Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

A Texas native might be looking to return home, finishing his career with the team he grew up watching.

Emmanuel Sanders and the Denver Broncos might be looking at a divorce.  It appears that if that happens, Sanders already has his eyes set with his next home.

Sanders looking at possibly returning to the state of Texas to play football!

Sanders would already have a former teammate to play with in Dallas, if that is indeed what happens in 2018.  After growing up in Bellville, TX, Sanders took his talents to SMU.  It’s there that he played collegiate football with current Cowboys slot receiver Cole Beasley (via Blogging the Boys).

If you believe twitter, this news has legs and has a legit shot of happening.  It wasn’t long ago that Sanders liked a tweet about someone talking about the former SMU wide receiver playing in Dallas in 2018.  That means very little, but it does give Cowboys fans hope of Sanders playing in Dallas.

The one negative of this happening is that Sanders appears to have some attention from the NFL coming his way.  Sanders was found not guilty of a sexual assault accusation from January last year.  We know what it means to be found not-guilty of something, the league has their own way of handling things and can care less what the court system finds.  The NFL is judge by one, and his name is Roger Goodell.  I don’t know if the Cowboys would jump to the idea of having another possible suspension hanging over their head.

If no suspension is given, would that make this a must need?

Take away the possible suspension, and Sanders would be a great fit in Dallas.  He could be the replacement of Dez Bryant if that is the direction the Cowboys go.  Better yet, give Dez that immense talent opposite of him for this offense.

Sanders and Demaryius Thomas thrived well together in Denver, when they had a QB throwing them the ball.  Therefore, no reason to think Sanders can’t do the same here in Dallas with Dez.  Sanders could be a piece of that puzzle as the Cowboys want to get Dak-friendly on offense.

Would you like to see Sanders return to Texas?  What about with the eyes he would bring with Goodell and his court case?

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