Despite Loss, Dak Prescott Continues To Be A Fan Favorite

Dallas Cowboys

The world doesn’t stop just because of a devastating loss on the football field.

We all know that we don’t have the same attitude on Monday’s following a tough loss.  It’s not the same attitude that you would have coming off a big win the day before.  Try being the player of those teams that have commitments to fulfill the very next day.

This is what happened with Dak Prescott on Monday.  Following a game that he got beat up and sacked eight times by the Atlanta Falcons, he still fulfilled his end of the bargain.

It would be easy to sit around and be upset about the loss on Sunday!

Prescott and some of his teammates made some fans days on Monday.  A handful of players served some less fortunate people an early Thanksgiving meal (via Star-Telegram).

“After a performance like that, after the way we played and just after a tough loss, it’s easy to just lie in bed and pout and be sad,” Prescott said. “But, as I said, you come and do events like this, it brightens my day. It puts it into perspective how important life is outside of the game of football and my impact on it. And I’m thankful for that platform.”

It’s good to see that Prescott put that tough loss behind him and gave back to the community.  One of the many reasons that Prescott is the best.  He doesn’t have to spend his Monday doing something like this, but feels it’s what he should do, and wants to.  Not only does he care about what he is doing on the football field, but he cares about the fans that watch him in those games as well.

When asked about how he felt following the game, Dak said he’s okay.

“I’m good. Ready to go this week,” Prescott said, referring to this Sunday’s showdown against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Dak wasn’t the only leader to take time out of his day to help those that need it!

Jason Witten, the veteran leader of this offense, said it was a tough loss.  But, it was good to come out and serve those that need it.  The positive reaction of Cowboys fans was nice to hear on Monday.

“Even though it was a tough loss, to be able to come in here today and see so many great fans and have so much challenging situations around them, to be able to put a smile on their face and for them to be able to tell us, ‘Hang in there. You’re going to get back on track,’ really reminds you of the platform we have and the opportunity,” tight end Jason Witten said.

The Cowboys continue to prove that they are the best!

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