Despite Recent News Of Third Round Picks Domestic Violence Case, Dallas Still Views This As A Bump In The Road At Most

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have been here before, as a matter of fact, they were here just last year with Ezekiel Elliott.

The Cowboys are not new to domestic violence cases, last year the team had to go through the rumor of their first-round selection Elliott being involved in a case last summer.  That of course was dropped and the charges against the former Ohio State running back played the entire year with no problems and nothing more brought up on the issue.

This year, the team seems to have yet another case to deal with, and hopes to have the same resolution of the case as they had with Elliott in 2016.  The Cowboys 2017 third-round selection Jourdan Lewis is currently in the middle of domestic violence allegations.

Per, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys looked thoroughly into the situation and did their paper work before they used that selection on a player that has those allegations.

“We feel real good about the pick,” Jones added. “Outstanding off-the-field character throughout his life, great strength of character. We were satisfied we would be OK there.”

According to the police reports, the former Michigan cornerback is accused of dragging his girlfriend across the floor, while also grabbing her by the neck.  Reports show that the Ann Arbor police responded a couple years earlier to a very similar physical altercation at the same apartment.

Lewis has said since day one that he will be exonerated from these charges and will be allowed to concentrate on his football career.  Right now, the talented cornerback is being forced to concentrate on court issues, along with his rookie season as he prepares to make it in the NFL.

“I completely think that all charges will be dropped, and I think I will be exonerated from everything,” Lewis said after he was drafted. “I’m completely innocent. I believe that wholeheartedly.”

I hope that these allegations are false and Lewis can get back on the football field with only football to worry about.  However, the truth is that we don’t know what has happened and don’t know what path will be taken, the courts will figure that out and hopefully the Cowboys research on the issue prior to the draft was good enough that we hear good news soon.

Do you think the Cowboys will have Lewis on the field for the entire 2017 season?

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