Dez Bryant Says He Will Play On Sunday, No Doubt About It

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys need their superstar wide receiver in the lineup Sunday.

With Ezekiel Elliott serving his six-game suspension, the Cowboys will need Dez Bryant on the field Sunday afternoon in Atlanta.  The passing game might be asked to do more in Atlanta, especially with their All-Pro running back out of the game.

Last week, we saw the Bryant and Terrance Williams exit the Kansas City game with injury.  Both players are hoping to play this week.  However, Dez is positive he will be out there against the Falcons (via

Bryant talked with Mike Fisher, saying he has no worries of missing the game Sunday.

“I plan on playing Sunday,’’ Dez told Fish. “We’re on a roll to do something good. Got to be a part of that, want to be a part of that. If I’m good, I’m going to go. The way I feel right now, I expect to go.”

Bryant is suffering from a knee and ankle injury.  However, he feels they won’t be an issue moving forward and nothing like his past injuries.  He says that this knee injury is nothing more than a bruise, nothing like the knee injury a year ago.

“Last year,’’ Bryant said, “was a totally different situation. You know how it was last year, it was kind of tough because I didn’t know what was going on. … I could barely walk last year when that happened. I’m walking fine. I’ve been running around, jogging around fine. It’s good.’’

Bryant has yet to have one of those old school, Dez-type games.  The ones that were common a few years ago prior to all these injury riddled football seasons.  There was a time that Dez was considered one of the best in the game, if not the best during a three-year stretch.

Bryant may not be at the same level he once was, but by no means has he lost the ability to be a top talent.  He is still the best in the business at the jump ball.

With Zeke out of the lineup, we might see one or two of those dominate Dez type of games!

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