Dez Bryant Still Elite In A Few Receiving Categories

Dallas Cowboys

A very important decision will come this off-season in the receiving department.

The Dallas Cowboys pass game struggled mightily in 2017.  A lot of that had to do with the play of Dak Prescott and his receiving group.  The coaching staff failed to put together the right game plan when Ezekiel Elliott was forced to miss six games.

The passing game was supposed to step up in Zeke’s absence!

When Elliott was suspended for failing the league’s personal conduct policy, Dallas had hoped the passing game would keep the team afloat.  That didn’t happen, and all the blame was pointed towards the players.  They deserve a good amount of the blame, but the coaching staff deserves their share as well.  They failed to put together a positive game plan to work on the strengths of this team.

The Cowboys will take a big hit against the salary cap with the money Dez Bryant will make in 2018.  Many feel he should either take a pay cut, or simply be released by the Cowboys.  That is not a smart decision, just ask Michael Irvin.

Bryant might not be the same elite talent he once was, but he is still a threat to opposing defenses.  He continues to be the best jump ball threat in the NFL, it’s just a matter of giving him the ball.  Dallas didn’t use his strengths like they should have, especially during Zeke’s suspension.

When Dallas needed a play, Dez can still make the tough catch.  He ranked third in the league for tight-window passes (via

I know Dez said he won’t take a pay cut, but he must realize that he needs to help this team out.  It’s not about taking the pay cut because you lost a step, it’s about helping your team get better.  The money he can help them save under the salary cap, will allow them to sign a player or two during this off-season.

Both sides must find the middle ground on what is the right number, but a discount must be made!

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