Dez Joins His Owner In Believing Zeke Will Be On Field Week One

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys continue to wait on the league’s decision of their star running back.

It was weeks ago that we heard Adam Schefter report that the league might be punishing Ezekiel Elliott.  This week we heard former wide receiver Cris Carter come out and say that a source he knows said it will come out in the next 48 hours.  He also mentioned it might be closer to the Tom Brady suspension of four games, instead of the one or two games.

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Those 48 hours have passed and we are still hearing “crickets” from the league and their decision.  It is now that they are saying it could be Friday that we hear a decision.

Dez Bryant follows his owner, at least regarding the investigation of Elliott!

According to Bleacher Report, it appears that Dez Bryant is following his owner on his view of the situation.  Bryant believes that Elliott will be on the field for the team during that week one matchup against the New York Giants.

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Jerry Jones has said a few times that he feels the league will not discipline his running back and he will be in uniform for that week one matchup.  He reiterated that statement earlier this week to TMZ Sports.

Many outside the Cowboys organization believe the league will be punishing the NFL’s leading rusher.  The Cowboys are expecting nothing but good news on the investigation by the league.

I have said it before and I will continue to say it, Elliott needs help with his decision making.  That seems to be the only issue here with Elliott, he makes “iffy” decisions.  However, it’s those decisions might hurt this football team if he isn’t on the field.  Zeke needs to realize that he has plenty to play for and needs to handle himself better off the field.

No matter what happens, we need a decision asap!

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