Dez Shows Off New Cleats For His Newest Love

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Dez Bryant is one of those guys that likes his shoes. Actually—referring to his affection for shoes using the word ‘likes’ is nowhere close to the truth. The man loves his shoes. He’s proud of his shoe/cleat collection.

He doesn’t get crazy with them like Odell Beckham Jr, and several other guys like to do. He tends to go for more of the classic look. Recently, he shared the latest addition to his collection on Instagram—the Air Jordan 11 Low Golf in “Concord” format.

I know I know.. my Golf swag is amazing #11 #x #throwupthex

A post shared by Dez Bryant (@dezbryant) on Mar 17, 2017 at 10:27am PDT

Golf hasn’t always been known for being the most fashion-forward of sports. But with Jordan making golf shoes now, golfers everywhere may finally be proud of what they wear on their feet while they play.

Bryant has never been shy when it comes to his shoe collection. In an article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram last November, he talked about his collection. Specifically, how he never wears shoes once they are released and how only one person has a better show collection than him:

“Nobody has better shoe game than me, beside Jordan himself,” Bryant boasted on Thursday. “(My teammates) are too busy worrying about the next new thing I’m going to have on my feet. I give them something fresh. I’m not wearing a shoe after it releases.

“When it releases I’m done with it. I get my shoes six months to a year early. I’m already in January 2017 right now.”

He went on to talk about how Nike sends him around 50 pairs of shoes a month. Over time, his collection has grown to over 3,000 pairs of shoes. Some of them he’s never worn.

Eventually, he plans on donating them to charity.

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