If You Didn’t Love Sean Lee Before, This Just Released Video WIll Change Your Mind

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys sit with one of the best chances that this team has had in a very long time, but the ending will have a different outcome for one of their star players.

Dallas Cowboys linebacker and team leader of their defense, Sean Lee, has been here before, but it had a different outcome for the star linebacker.  During his 2009 college season at Penn State, Lee was sidelined with a torn ACL, an injury that kept him out while his teammates went on a run to the Rose Bowl that season.  In 2014 during the Cowboys NFC East title, Lee was lost yet again with a torn ACL in the preseason.  The talented linebacker left out yet again as his team was in the middle of a magical season.

Tearing your ACL is a dark time for any player, but it can only hold you down for as long as you let it do so.  Imagine your teammates working hard together during a championship season, but you are alone one and one with the trainer to get back to your old self.  You do this not once, but twice, in the span of six seasons.  Both times you watch the team you play for have success, but you feel so far away from that success that it’s like you are not part of the team.

Injuries are tough to deal with in the NFL, or any league for that matter, but imagine being a superstar on your team, but you can’t do anything about it.  You want to help your team reach that ultimate goal, but can’t.  This is what the Cowboys linebacker has had to deal with, until this year.

The Cowboys might be in the best position that they have ever been in to finally get back to that Super Bowl that has evaded this team for over 20 years.  The championship taste has been there this entire time for Lee, but he has been unable to taste it for unknown reasons.  Why did he have to get injured during that 2009 season and again in that 2014 season?  He sat back and had to watch his teammates battle, a battle that maybe with him in 2014 would have been different.  Maybe that struggle was meant for this success, the knowledge he had to learn on the sideline might help him guide this team to a Super Bowl victory.

Working alone, whether it be early in the morning or late at night, when you are the only one there trying to get back to the player you were before the injury.  Sean has done the work, put in the hours, fought through adversity, and learned to be a better player and teammate.  All of this was done so he can help this football team win the fight that is before them.  The fight that is in front of the Cowboys begins with Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

The so called “no name” defense will be heard come this postseason and it is led by Sean Lee!

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