Earl Thomas’ Demand To Seattle, Might Be The Cowboys Gain

Dallas Cowboys

Recognizing talent is one thing, allowing that talent to leave is another.

Teams are always pushing things to the limit.  They want to protect the team as much as the player is looking out for himself.  It’s about finding that middle ground that fits both the team and the player.

The Seattle Seahawks stand, might turn out to be the Dallas Cowboys gain!

This past week at the pro bowl, Seattle safety Earl Thomas gave his current team his demands.  Thomas wants an extension and will not risk himself during the season, if not given it.  That demand could become the Cowboys gain as it isn’t a secret that Thomas would love to play in Dallas.

Growing up a Cowboys fan, Thomas let it be known that he wouldn’t mind playing in Dallas.  That little conversation that took place after a grueling game, may have hurt his chances for a long-term extension with his current team.  That doesn’t hurt his feelings, but only if his childhood favorite team is his next organization.

“I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan.  I’m for Texas.  My dad always installed that in us, that’s all we watched growing up,” Earl Thomas told Jane Slater following a pro bowl practice.  “I had an amazing game that game and got caught up in the moment.”

Comments can get players in trouble, but this comment might allow a lifelong Cowboys fan to live out his dreams!

Thomas has had a great career in Seattle, but it can become better if he can close out his career with the team he loved growing up.  You never lose that love for your favorite team.  For the few that make the jump to the NFL, you never forget those games growing up watching your favorite team.  It is a dream for players to play for the team they grew up idolizing.  That is where we sit with Thomas, he has a shot at playing for the Cowboys to close out his fantastic career.

The ball is in your court Jerry Jones, make this happen and bring Thomas home!

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