Elliott Bringing Unwanted Attention On Himself

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys might want to have a sit-down conversation with one of their talented young players.

When it comes to Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott, there isn’t much that he can’t do on the football field.  Unfortunately, the same can be said off the field as well.  With a recent yacht party, this proved to be the case.

Per TMZ Sports, the talented second-year Cowboys running back was on a yacht recently that was searched by a pair of guards, but the reason was unknown at the time.  A representative for the Coast Guard was going to look into it, but imagined that the reason the search was done to check for safety reasons.

This is another reason that Elliott might be bringing more attention than he really should be, but it might have something to do with his recent off field issues.  It wasn’t too long ago that we heard about Elliott pulling down a woman’s shirt to expose her breast, followed by photos with rapper Meek Mill on stage, who had been accused of being in a fight at an airport prior to the photos with Elliott.

It isn’t that Elliott did the unthinkable, it’s more of the attention that he is bringing to himself.  The incident with the woman at the St Patrick’s Day party seemed to be something that the woman had a hand in as it appeared that she was gesturing for him to pull her shirt down towards the crowd.  However, it’s about being in public and knowing that you have more eyes on you than the average person, not to mention doing something like that is just unacceptable in public.

It isn’t known why the Coast Guard had to search Elliott’s yacht party, a yacht that isn’t owned by the Cowboys running back.  According to a source that told TMZ, the yacht appears to be owned by another person that rents it out to celebrities and other wealthy people.  Even if Elliott was just there to go for a ride with some friends, you have to wonder if the attention was brought on due to who was on the yacht.

The past attention that Elliott had received, might have forced this recent attention that he has been getting!

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