Elliott Looks To Be In Clear For 2016 Incident

Dallas Cowboys

Rumor has it that the NFL’s investigation into Ezekiel Elliot may soon be coming to an end. It has found its way back into the news thanks to Elliot’s recent actions at a St. Patrick’ Day parade. In light of the domestic violence accusations, some have wondered if him pulling down a woman’s shirt and exposing her exhibits a pattern of conduct.

To many it doesn’t matter that she appeared to be okay with it or wasn’t upset by it all (according to Elliot’s representatives). To others, it did. But there is one thing that has been readily agreed upon by most fans. With his investigation still open, it was a pretty dumb thing to do in public.

As it turns out, the investigation may indeed be done.

Cowboys beat writer Clarence Hill was on ProFootballTalk Friday morning and talked a lot about Elliot. According to his source, the investigation has been concluded, and there will be no punishment coming for Elliot. It is just a matter of time before the league makes it official.

That rumor has yet to be confirmed, but even if it is true until the league does make it official, anything can still happen. It would not be unusual for the NFL to use his latest incident as a mitigating factor in his current investigation. If they are on the fence about whether he needs any punishment, ‘Breast-Gate’ could be enough push the league over the edge.

They’ll just paint the announcement in a way that his punishment encompasses all of his questionable behavior.

But if the league announces that he’s in the clear, then Breast Gate becomes a standalone incident. Whether the league will see it is enough to cause Elliot to miss any games remains to be seen. The official word so far has been no comment.

But that doesn’t mean they will not comment eventually.

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