Elliott Does Something As A Rookie That He Couldn’t Accomplish In College

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys rookie running back did something during his first year in the NFL that he was unable to do throughout his entire college career.

Ezekiel Elliott was part of the NFL’s All-Pro team as a rookie this year, something that he was unable to do during his time in college at Ohio State.  The former Buckeye was unable to crack the All-America list during his three-years at Ohio State.

During his time at Ohio State, Elliott had back-to-back 1,800-yard rushing seasons to close out his career as a Buckeye, but was not made an All-American in either season.  This kind of surprises me as he also ran for 18 touchdowns and 23 touchdowns in those two years.

Fast forward to the NFL and this rookie had a phenomenal season as a Dallas Cowboy, he not only led his team in rushing, Elliott led the entire league in rushing with 1,631 yards, along with 15 touchdowns.  It is no doubt that he was voted on the All-Pro team, something that looks to be a regular thing in his future as a Cowboys running back.

Elliott said that it was special, but still is something that he regrets not doing in college at Ohio State.

“It’s special,” Elliott said. “Just to be able to come into this league my first year and dominate and just play at the level I’m playing, and just kind of get these honors already as a rookie, it means a lot. I was never even All-American in college. I was never a first-team All-American. I’ll never get a Buckeye tree at Ohio State. That’s the one thing that I regret the most.”

“Kind of seeing it come into the league and making All-Pro this rookie year, it definitely means a lot.”

Making an All-Pro team is one of the highest personal accomplishments to receive.  This shows the respect and the stats that Elliott had during his rookie campaign.  The voters are a national panel of 60 sports writers and broadcasters who regularly cover the NFL, not like pro bowl in which we see fans vote and is just a popularity contest.  This list of players is truly the best of the best and Elliott proves that he is one of the best early in his promising NFL career.

Congrats Zeke, you deserve it!

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