Ezekiel Elliott Would Be Leading The League In Rushing For A Second Straight Year

Dallas Cowboys

As a rookie, Ezekiel Elliott led the league in rushing.

Last year, during his rookie season, Elliott wasn’t just one of the best running backs in football, he was one of the best players in all the league.  Not many players draw the attention that Zeke does from opposing coordinators.  Even fewer have the impact he does on the field.  So, the question now is, where would the Cowboys All-Pro running back be if not for this suspension?  My guess is that he would be right where he left off last year.

The league may have taken away a truly great feat by Ezekiel Elliott!

Through the first 12 games, Le’Veon Bell leads the league with 1,057 yards rushing.  In four fewer games, Elliott has 783 yards on the ground.  If we add in the yards that Alfred Morris has had in Zeke’s absence, it would be easy to say that Elliott would lead the league.

In Elliott’s absence. Morris has rushed for 307 yards in these four games.  If we just add that total to Zeke’s, he would be at 1,090 yards.  I would assume he would have even more than that being that Morris has a 36-yard and 53-yard game added in there.  My guess would be that Elliott would be over 400 yards in these four games.

So, if the league would have done the right thing and didn’t suspend Elliott, we would be seeing him leading the league in rushing for a second straight year.  Even if they gave him a two-game suspension, he would be near the top, if not the leader.

That shows how talented Elliott truly is at running the football.  Not only is he still relevant in talks of rushing leaders missing four games, he is in the top-10.

It’s hard enough to win one rushing title in a player’s career, but for Elliott to do it in his first year shows what kind of player the Cowboys have.  If it weren’t for the league mistreating Elliott, he would be looking at back-to-back rushing titles in his first two season.

It’s scary to think, but Elliott hasn’t even hit his ceiling yet!

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