Ezekiel Elliott To Step Completely Away From Game To Regroup

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys will be playing a minimum of four games without their All-Pro running back.

This past week, the Cowboys learned the fate of their All-Pro running back, Ezekiel Elliott.  The Second Circuit denied the injunction and reinstated his six-game suspension to start immediately.

Zeke to take his training outside the United States!

It appears that Elliott will be using this time to get his heard right, and leave the country to do so (via Ian Rapoport).

“Now officially suspended, Cowboys RB Zeke Elliott is leaving the country for an undisclosed location to clear his head & train, sources say.”

Elliott has been fighting for his name throughout this entire process.  He has said since day one that he was not guilty and would fight this until the end.

Elliott’s former girlfriend accused him of domestic violence last summer, in July of 2016.  No charges were brought up, but the league found the need to continue their own investigation.  The suspension was due to failing the league’s personal conduct policy.

Zeke said that this was much bigger than being about football!

This is about clearing his name from something he didn’t do (via ESPN).

“This is bigger than a suspension,” Elliott said last week. “It’s bigger than football. It’s them trying to make me something I’m not. I’m not an abuser. That’s not who I am. This is my name, and this is my reputation. That’s something that I have to live with beyond football, so every day is worth fighting for.”

We don’t know what Elliott will be doing to train and keep himself in shaped during the suspension.  We also don’t know where he is heading for this mental getaway.  We do know that he will be back ready to go once eligible to return.  As it sits, he will miss a minimum of four games, with an appeal hearing set for December 1.

The Cowboys will be without their All-Pro running for six games.  Those games are; at Atlanta (yesterday), vs Philadelphia, vs San Diego, vs Washington, at NY Giants, and at Oakland.  Elliott would return for the Cowboys week 16 game.

What record do you give the Cowboys during these six games without Zeke?

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