Ezekiel Elliott’s Camp Will Be Laying It All Out With Their Appeal Of Current Suspension

Dallas Cowboys

The Ezekiel Elliott saga is far from over, following the six-game suspension.

News broke on Friday that the league was suspending Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott six games.  A suspension that took everyone by surprise, including the front office of the Cowboys.  It isn’t that the suspension itself was surprising.  It’s more about the number of games the league decided to suspend the league’s leading rusher.

Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys will appeal this suspension!

According to Bleacher Report, the biggest issue with the Elliott decision seems to be the league’s inconsistency in treating domestic violence.

Last year, former New York Giants kicker Josh Brown received a one-game suspension.  This was for his role in a domestic violence allegation.  It turned out that Brown would later reveal that he did physically and mentally abuse his wife in journals, emails, and a letter obtained by SNY’s Ralph Vacciano.

Pro Football talk’s Michael David Smith made a great point via twitter about the incident.

“I want to hear Roger Goodell explain what Ezekiel Elliot did that’s six time as bad as what Josh Brown did.”

Another issue that the league is getting bashed for in comparison to this Elliott issue is the Ray Rice suspension.  He initially received a two-game suspension for punching his then-fiancé in an elevator on camera.

Marcus Mosher made a very similar statement via twitter on this as well.

“The NFL had a video of Ray Rice knocking out his GF in the elevator and he got four less games than what Ezekiel Elliott is going to get.”

This proves that the league must be more consistent on how they handled domestic violence allegations!

To me this shows me that Goodell is so worried about what “could” come out down the road.  If he doesn’t lay the hammer down on the Cowboys running and something comes out via video or proof that he did do this, he would get destroyed for it.  However, you can’t work on “if” or “could”, you must go by what they have.

They have witnesses saying that the abuse was not there.  They also have reports of his ex-girlfriend saying she would destroy him.  She also had an affidavit outlining her plan to orchestrate a story to police to corroborate her false allegation of assault.  You can see Elliott’s statement for his appeal here.

This seems to be on the verge of getting very messy.  The league needs to be looking into why this punishment was so severe.  This case from the outside looks to be a “he said, she said.”  No actual evidence has been shown that proves Elliott did anything wrong back in the summer of 2016.

Some wonder if a suspension should have happened in the first place.  Let alone a six-game suspension!

[Domestic violence is a very serious issue.  Please be respectful with your comments on this matter.]

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