Following Recent News On Investigation, Elliott Looks To Respond

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Ezekiel Elliot had a great rookie season for the Dallas Cowboys last year. He gave fans a lot to look forward to in the years to come including hope for a long-awaited return trip to the Super Bowl. They like their team with Elliot in the backfield.

League continues to look into Zeke’s domestic violence allegation!

But if the rumor mill is accurate, they may have to do without him. It appears that Elliot is going to be suspended for at least a game or two. At least that’s the expectation—for now (via 247sports).

“Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott has received a report from the NFL on its findings from an investigation into a 2016 domestic violence accusation against him, and Elliott is preparing a response to the league, sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

“Elliott’s response is expected to be submitted sometime over the next week. Multiple sources close to the situation told Schefter that Elliott could face a one- or two-game suspension.”

The NFL wants to make sure they do the right thing.

Much like the Tom Brady/Deflated Balls case, the NFL has been dragging its feet on Elliot’s case. The authorities decided there was no case and declined to press charges months ago. But the NFL has decided to keep it’s going and has done so for over a year.

The league has learned the hard way that it has to be very careful how it deals with cases involving domestic violence. Settle a case too quickly, and they risk looking like they don’t take it seriously. Take too long, and they risk making a case look like a witch hunt.

But the last thing they want to do is hand down a punishment as they did with Ray Rice, and then the damaging video surfaces.

For now, it is just a rumor. According to the rumor mill a few months ago, Elliot was expected to be cleared. So, who knows what is actually going to happen in the end.

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