Former Cowboys Great DeMarcus Ware Has Emotional Message For Ryan Shazier

Dallas Cowboys

The NFL game can be both beautiful and ugly, all at the same time.

On Monday night, we all witnessed one of the scariest injuries on the football field.  Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker, Ryan Shazier, had his head down when making a tackle, suffering a horrible injury that could have life-long affects.

The young linebacker was taken on a stretcher to the locker room.  He would immediately get loaded into an ambulance and taken to the hospital.  That is where he has been since last night.

Once the injury looked to be as severe as it was, many current and former players began to send their prayers and well wishes to the Steelers linebacker.  The support has come from players and fans of the Steelers bitter rivals in Baltimore, Cincinnati, and Cleveland.

Rivalries get put to the side when injuries like this happen.  It proves that this is just a game, and safety is at the top of the list when entering the field.

Support has come from all over the sports world for Ryan Shazier!

Former Cowboys great, DeMarcus Ware was one of the players to send his prayers to Shazier (via Ware’s twitter).

“Each game, these men make a choice to take the field and (most) pray for a safe game. Laying on the field without feeling in your limbs is never in the cards. I know the feeling all too well Ryan Shazier. Praying for you bro.”

The game has always been played with passion and aggression.  If you ever played the game, you know you always go full speed at 100%, otherwise you take a chance of getting hurt.

At an early age, you are taught to keep your head up and tackle the correct way.  However, even the best of the game can get put in bad situations with the speed and violence that comes with it.  That is what makes this sport so great, but also so scary at the same time.

It’s one of the reasons that many of the football fields are not as full as they once were!

Sure, the sport is still alive and well, but many parents won’t allow their kids to play a dangerous game.  It’s injuries like last night that give those same parents more reasons to keep their kids from playing this game.  Is that the right mind set?  Only the parent of that child can answer that, but the game is safer than it once was.

The league has made many improvements in their rules, to keep the players safe.  However, it is still a collision sport, and injuries will always be a part of it.

When players step on the field, they know what the consequences can be.  The win is the priority of every football game, but safety is always at the front of their mind.  They pray to leave the football field in one piece, along with the players they play against.

Have injuries like this changed your view of football?  Would you allow your kid to play football with all these injuries?

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