Hopefully The Third Time Is The Charm For Fantasy Event In Dallas

Dallas Cowboys

At some point, we have all heard the old saying: If at first, you don’t succeed, try and try again. It’s typically good advice. If you quit trying just because you fail at something once, you’ll have a hard time accomplishing anything.

The organizers of the National Fantasy Football Convention really wanted to hold their event a couple of years back. But the NFL put an end to that. They wanted to do it last year as well, but the NFL figured out how to squash it again.

But the saying doesn’t say just ‘try again.’ It says you need to ‘try and try again.’ So, the organizers are doing just that.

“Our main goal has always been to give the fans a chance to interact with the players during a truly unforgettable experience, and after three years of hard work, we’re unbelievably excited to see it all come together this summer in Dallas,” said NFFC executive director Andy Alberth (ESPN).

After failing to pull it off in Vegas and Pasadena, CA, the plan is to hold it in Dallas this time from July 14-16. Just like the other attempts, Tony Romo is involved and expected to attend. Jason Witten and several other Cowboys are scheduled to appear as well.

The NFL has played dirty the first two times plans were in place to hold the convention. To kill the first one (in Vegas), the league threatened to suspend any players involved. Plans were calling for it to be held in a casino and the league has strict rules where casinos are concerned. Organizers accused the NFL of interfering with sponsors after they had to cancel last year’s event.

Legal action is still pending.

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