Jason Garrett Is Still Jerry Jones’ Guy, But Should He Be?

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys continue to get blown out, especially coming out of halftime.

For the last three weeks, the Cowboys have been in the ball game during the first half, but continue to give up points in bunches during that second half.  That has a lot to do with the lack of adjusting in game by Jason Garrett and this coaching staff.

The player is responsible to get the job done on the football field.  That doesn’t mean that the coach gets a pass when the outcome goes like it has over these last three weeks.  As a coach, you must make an adjustment at the half, especially if things are not going as planned.  Much like they have been over these three weeks.

Fans are frustrated with the Cowboys and their head coach!

Opposing coaches during these three weeks have made the adjustments needed to get the win in every game.  They are doing so by finding the Cowboys weaknesses and attacking it.  It has happened perfectly against the Cowboys by the Falcons, Eagles, and now the Chargers.  And yet again, Garrett and his coaching staff seemed to stand pat with their play coming out of the half.

Garrett needs more blame than he is getting, but Jerry Jones continues to stand behind his coaching staff in Dallas (via Brandon George).

“Jerry Jones said he still has great faith in this coaching staff and that shouldn’t be considered the dreaded vote of confidence.  Said he isn’t shaken by recent results.”

What is truly crazy is that he believes this coaching staff in Dallas is tops and he feels good with who he has in place.

Evidently a Coach of the Year award is good for years.  No matter how bad things get, you are safe, in the eyes of the Cowboys owner.

With the talent this team has, there is no reason that this team should miss the playoffs.  That is what we are exactly looking at right now, the 2017 playoffs without the Cowboys.  Dallas isn’t officially eliminated from the playoffs, but you would have to think it is very unlikely to happen.  The NFC wildcard is crowded, and the Cowboys would need to jump multiple teams to get it.

Anything is possible, but we seem to be looking at another frustrating off-season here in Dallas!

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