Jason Witten Backs His Fellow Teammate, Says Dez Still Elite

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have been lucky to have a pair of great players on their offense.

Jason Witten and Dez Bryant have both been productive players during their NFL careers.  Both players now have decisions to make, although different ones.

Witten is entering his final years in this league.  Entering his 16th season, it’s only a matter of time before he calls it a career.  Father time is undefeated and seems to be near the neighborhood with Witten.  Jason has been a fantastic player during his 15 years in this league, but he has finally begun to show signs of slowing down.  2017 was the worst season (statistics-wise) since his rookie season, for the veteran tight end.  He may not be looking to call it a career yet, but we know the time will come eventually.

Bryant has a whole different type of decision to make this upcoming off-season!

The Cowboys might be coming to Dez to see if he will be willing to take a pay cut.  He said that he won’t be doing that, but many are telling the veteran wide receiver to rethink that idea.

It’s not about admitting you lost a step by taking the pay cut.  It’s about allowing the team you play for to make needed moves on this football team to be a better one.  The Cowboys have needs to fill but find themselves with limited amount of funds.  They don’t have a whole lot of space under the cap.  As it sits, the Cowboys have about $19 million, that will likely all go towards one player, DeMarcus Lawrence.

The money that Dez can help save is money that can go towards the likes of Zack Martin or Anthony Hitchens just to name a few.

Witten doesn’t believe his teammate has lost his elite status as a WR!

Last year was an odd year for this offense.  Dez wasn’t the only one to struggle, the team as a whole did so, especially on offense (via Star-Telegram).

“I do believe Dez can be a premier receiver again,” Witten said. “Look, we didn’t perform at a high level offensively, all of us didn’t. It’s easy to point to that, but really we didn’t play at the level we expect to. I’ve seen him practice, I’ve seen him work, I know he can play the position at a high level.”

Witten also talked about how you learn with the experience you have in this league.  You are a smarter player as you move along in your career, and that is what Dez will use this upcoming season.

“As you get older, you become smarter and more knowledgeable and those are things that Dez is going to use to his advantage. Certainly he can still play at a high level. I don’t know if there’s anybody out there that can high-point the football quite like he does.”

The Cowboys are a better team with both Witten and Dez on the field.  The chemistry between Dak Prescott and Dez must hit in year three.  Dallas can’t afford to move on from Dez and I personally think a deal will get done that will open cap space to sign additional players.  Whether that’s by a pay cut or by the Cowboys signing Dez to an extension that is more cap friendly, the two sides will get it right.

Who is more important to a successful 2018 season, Dez or Witten?

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