Jason Witten Giving Back To The Kids For Ninth Straight Season

Dallas Cowboys

Jason Witten continues to prove that he is the best on and off the football field.

As the Dallas Cowboys prepare for the upcoming 2018 football season, Witten will go thru the trials of getting ready as well.  Witten will continue his preparation for a 16th season as he continues to avoid father time.

As Witten prepares for his own football season, he will also prepare to teach the youth.  Witten will host his ninth annual youth camp this off-season (via Star-Telegram).

Witten is never too busy to give back the youth!

Jason’s youth camp will happen this May 19-20.  Sessions will run from 9am – 12:30pm and will be called “Citi Jason Witten Football ProCamp in partnership with Albertsons and Tom Thumb.”

If you are planning on joining the camp, the cost will be $199 per kid.  It will be open to boys and girls between the grades of first grade thru eighth grade.  Each participant will get a souvenir autograph from the veteran tight end, as well as a team photo with Witten.

If you are interested in this incredible opportunity, please click here for additional details.

Witten may have lost a step or two in his 15 years in the league.  That is bound to happen as you enter year 16 in the league.  One thing we can never take from him is his generosity to the fans.  He is one of the hardest working players in this league and his pedigree shows it.

Thank you, Jason, for what you do off the field for our youth!

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