Jaylon Smith Hopes To Use His Name To Help Kids

Dallas Cowboys

Jaylon Smith leads by example on and off the football field.

When it comes to hard work, the Cowboys young linebacker proved that he is all about it.  Working back from one of the worst injuries to come back from, Jaylon Smith didn’t stop until he was back on the field.

After suffering a horrible knee injury during his final collegiate football game, Smith’s NFL future was a mystery.  It wasn’t that he suffered a normal knee injury that he could rehab, it’s that he suffered nerve damage in that knee.  It wasn’t going to be an easy road back, it wasn’t even a guarantee that Smith would play again.  However, he wasn’t going to let that stop him from reaching his goal.

It’s that mindset that Smith used to get back on the field in his second year, that he used to start a program to help Children Obesity!

Smith teamed up with YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne and Parkview Sports Med.  The pair started a program to battle and hope to beat childhood obesity.  He would use his personal goals to prove to kids that you can do anything, as long as you put your mind to it (via 247 Sports).

The program took off slow, but that was expected as it was new.  Smith can proudly say that they have 339 children who have participated, all of which accomplishing goals and achievements in just a few months.

It wasn’t about obesity for Smith, but he overcame his own struggles to get back on the field.  After missing his rookie season, Smith was back on the field in his second season.  That is something that many people thought was impossible.  He proved a lot of people wrong, proving that if you put your mind to it and put the hard work in, anything is possible.  That is something that is great for kids to see as they join a great program like this.

Football is just a game, what he is doing off the field goes much farther!

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