Jerry Jones Comment On If Tyron Smith Will Be There Sunday, “I Hope So”

Dallas Cowboys

Tryon Smith has additional leverage if he needs it for a new contract.

Many wondered what kind of impact Ezekiel Elliott’s absence would have on this football team.  The true question might be, how important Tyron Smith is for this offense to have success?  The answer was seen over and over on Sunday afternoon.

The Cowboys tried to fill Smith’s vacancy at left tackle with Chaz Green and Byron Bell, but they had very little success in doing so.  Atlanta Falcons defensive end, Adrian Clayborn registered six sacks yesterday.  That is a season’s worth of sacks for many players in this league, but he did it all in a single game.  The defense, as a whole, got to Dak Prescott eight times, along with pressuring him all afternoon.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones talked about the historic night that Clayborn had at the expense of his left tackles (via Brandon George).

“The player is a good player but you’d like to think you could block hi more [than that].”

Clayborn had a career game against the backup left tackles, but he isn’t even the best pass rusher on his own team.  He had just a pair of sacks coming into the game, but leaves it near the top of the league leaders in the category.

The Cowboys owner made it easy on whether he felt like Smith would be back on Sunday night (via Brandon George).

“I hope so, I hope so.”

Smith will be needed in a tough match-up against Carson Wentz and the NFC East leading Philadelphia Eagles!

The division might be considered a long shot, but a playoff berth is by no means out of the question.  However, they will need Smith back to fulfill that goal.

You can’t go back in time and fix yesterday’s game.  You can only move forward and learn from your mistakes on both sides of the ball.  Mistakes weren’t the biggest mistake on Sunday afternoon.  The health of this football team had the biggest impact.  This will be an important week to see those players get back on the field.

With this football team, the Cowboys just need to get into the playoffs.  Elliott will be fresh and ready to destroy anything in his way.

Do you think Smith will be back this week against Philadelphia?

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