Jerry Jones Continues To Make It Clear About His Head Coach

Dallas Cowboys

Pull up a seat, it’s going to be a wild ride in 2018.

Winning the award for Head Coach of the Year will win you fans and most likely a year or two as the team’s head coach.  When we talk about the Dallas Cowboys, it might earn you many years by winning the award.

There are many people to point the blame towards for the struggles in 2017!

Jason Garrett has received plenty of blame for the Cowboys struggles in 2017.  As a matter of fact, he has been the one to point the finger towards for years now.  However, it’s not the owner of the team pointing the finger at his head coach.

In Jerry Jones’ eyes, Garrett is doing enough to be successful as the team’s head coach.  He continues to deny that Garrett should be on the hot seat for the down season.  He reiterated that statement at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, AL (via Brandon George).

“Jason Garrett isn’t on my hot seat.”

The 2016 season was fantastic and might have been able to hide Garrett’s weaknesses as a head coach.  This past season, the Cowboys struggled and showed the lack of adjustments by this coaching staff.

When a team fails to make the proper adjustments week in and week out, you would think the head coach would have some questions to answer.  That seems to be far from the truth in Dallas.  It appears that Garrett can’t do any wrong, at least in the eyes of their owner.

It still blows me away that fans throughout the country that are fans of this team can see this issue, but the owner can’t see it.  It’s been over two decades since this team has been to the Super Bowl.  That is unacceptable for a team like Dallas, especially with some of the talent they have had.  That is a sign of the leadership up top, or lack thereof.

It’s time to hold Garrett responsible for how this team plays on Sundays!

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