Jerry Jones Continues To Stand By His Opinion Of No Suspension For Elliott

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys owner continues to stand tall on his stance with his star running back.

The rumors have been swirling with what the league will do with the Cowboys starting running back.  The Cowboys are hopeful that no penalty comes for Ezekiel Elliott, but many appear the ruling will come with at least a game or two suspension.  Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones continues to side with his original stance of no suspension coming.

The Cowboys owner continues to stand by his view of the Elliott investigation!

According to Bleacher Report, Jerry Jones expressed his belief again that the league will not suspend his star running back.

When asked by a TMZ Sports reporter about a discipline by the league and if he felt the league would be suspending Elliott, Jones replied with a simple, “No.”

An investigation by the league continues, despite happening over a year ago.  Elliott’s ex-girlfriend claims that he abused her multiple times, but he has continued to stand by his innocence.  The courts seemed to agree as no charges were brought up in regards to the domestic violence allegations.

The original one-to-two game suspension, moved to possible four games this week when former NFL great leaked information!

It was originally reported by Adam Schefter that Elliott is looking at a one or two game suspension by the league.  Earlier this week, former wide receiver Cris Carter said that he has knowledge that the Cowboys running back might see a discipline closer to that of Tom Brady’s last year of four games.  The NFL commissioner Roger Goodell can out immediately discrediting Carters report saying the league has not decided yet on the ruling.

However, you look at it, this whole thing is turning into a long draw out drama..  I understand that the league isn’t just reviewing the domestic violence allegations.  They are also looking at Elliott’s entire body of work of off-field issues.  It’s not the investigation itself that is being criticized, it’s the amount of time it has taken.

Do you think the longer this drags out the more likely Elliott loses games.  Or is this good for the Cowboys running back?

{Domestic violence is a very serious issue.  Please be respectful when commenting or making statements.}

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