Jerry Jones Is Furious With The NFL’s Decision On Ezekiel Elliott

Dallas Cowboys

The league has come out with their decision on Ezekiel Elliott.

The news of the six-game suspension has sent frustration and anger throughout the Dallas Cowboys and their fanbase.  Originally believed to be one or two games a few weeks ago, but skyrocketed to six games today.

According to Adam Schefter, the domestic violence starting point is six games, but can be increased or decreased from there.

“NFL investigating Ezekiel Elliott for domestic violence.  DV violations are 6 games; can be increased or decreased depending on circumstances.”

It appears that the Cowboys owner is not too happy with the league on this decision!

Schefter also tweeted out what the Cowboys owner feels about the decision.  A decision that no one saw coming, at least regarding the number of games.

“Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is said to be furious with NFL decision, per one source.  Furious.”

This decision is absolutely ridiculous.  Six games for an allegation that never got charged in court is crazy to think about.  I know the league wants to cut down on the off-field issues with their players, but this is not the right decision.

I would assume the appeal for Elliott will happen very shortly.  During the appeal, Elliott will play as the courts consider the appeal.  The Cowboys and their owner have every right to feel like they have been cheated on this decision.

I can see the league wanting to make a point on one of their stars and show they are not playing around with off-field problems.  Give him three, maybe four games for his off-field body of work.  With that appeal, Elliott would likely see it drop down to two or three games.  That won’t happen with the starting point of six games.  With this appeal, we are more than likely looking at a minimum of a four-game suspension.

The NFL really got this wrong and should be embarrassed on this outcome.

{Domestic violence is a serious issue.  Please be respectful with comments on this matter}

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