Jerry Jones Met With His Players, Made Comment To Take Attention Away From Players

Dallas Cowboys

The news wire on Wednesday was full of just that, news.

We had Cowboys players retire and get released.  However, we also heard of players meeting that revolved the players talking about the comment made by their owner.

The Cowboys owner made his point heard when it comes to the National Anthem!

Jerry Jones said that his players will respect the flag and if they don’t, they will not play.  This is to make a point on the recent protests by players as they have knelt during the National Anthem.

The players don’t consider it as disrespecting the flag, but many of the fans consider it to be just that.  It has been a hot button in the NFL over the last year, since Colin Kaepernick started his protest early last season.  Kaepernick started this to protest racial injustice and police brutality (via Time).

Following the players meeting, Jerry Jones met with his players to give them the reasoning for his comment.  He allowed players to meet with him one-on-one prior to Wednesday’s practice.  Jones then met with the team following practice (via Star-Telegram).

Jones said that he wanted to do this to take the pressure off his players.  He wanted to become the bad guy.  He also said that standing was in both the Cowboys and NFL’s best interest from a business perspective.

The Cowboys have continued to stand during the National Anthem!

The closest this team has come to a protest was the one in which the team decided to kneel prior to the Anthem before the Monday night game at Arizona.  Most recently, defensive linemen Damontre Moore and David Irving both raised their fists, but that came after the Anthem.

Some have said that Jones’ comment puts these players in an awkward situation.  One player went on to say that he has been called a sellout on social media for not doing his part to fight back.

Most Cowboys decided to not comment following this meeting with the Cowboys owner.  That includes Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott, both of which normally talk on Wednesday.

Orlando Scandrick was one player that did a lot of talking by doing none whatsoever.  He blared a hip-hop song called “FDT.”  The song’s hook is a curse word following by Donald Trump.  Scandrick also pointed to pink shoes that he wears for breast cancer.  He said, this is a cause that the players are allowed to support.

One player that did make himself available was kicker, Dan Bailey.

“I think you are going to always have people with different opinions and different beliefs,” Bailey said. “The main focus is to establish some sort of baseline where you can come together and agree on something in principle. It doesn’t mean that your individual views are right or wrong. When you come in this door we are working on something as a team and that’s the main focus.”

With the Cowboys on their bye week, it will be just over a week until we see if anything different happens with this team in terms of protests!

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