Just Like On The Football Field, The Cowboys Get The Best Of The Giants At All Times

Dallas Cowboys

Whether it’s on the field or off, the Dallas Cowboys will always have the upper hand on the New York Giants.

It seems as if the Giants and their fans can’t get past Tony Romo, even off the football field.  Former New York quarterback Phil Simms had a wonderful job being part of the “A Team” for CBS on Sunday afternoon.  That has changed with the retirement of former Cowboys quarterback Romo.

Per 247 Sports, Simms has been pushed out of the lead analyst role for CBS, a role that he has had for two decades.  The network decided to go another route and go with Romo in 2017.

The son of Phil, Chris Simms, has been very vocal on his displeasure of what had happened with his father.

Phil has been a little more vocal on the situation and his new role with the company moving forward.

“Listen, I didn’t make any comments for a lot of reasons and you want to sit there and think about it,” Simms said on Wednesday in a phone call with SI.com. “Initially was my pride hurt? Absolutely. Of course, it was…So it took a little bit. Not long. I started thinking about it in a positive way and then I became excited about it. [CBS Sports Chairman] Sean [McManus] had talked to me over the years about maybe going into the studio.”

Simms seems to be happy about his new job as he will be able to follow the sport he loves and played a little more closely, instead of just a couple games a week at most.

“I now get to follow the league like I want to,” he explained. “That was probably the most frustrating thing about my job. You do one or two games a week, you can’t really pay attention to the other teams like I wanted to do. When you do games, you are all-in on those games.

“On Inside The NFL, I get to say things about stuff that I never get to say in a broadcast.”

This is just another sign that the Cowboys are the better organization.  Not only do they get the upper hand on the field, it appears they get the better jobs off the field as well.

It wasn’t anything personal to drop the elder Simms out of the booth on Sunday’s, it’s just that they needed a new person to take over games.  It appears that Phil is okay with his new job, but maybe his son feels a little hurt on the whole deal.

If you just watch the Cowboys games on the weekend, do you plan on watching other games with Romo in the booth?

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