Keep, Trade, Release, What Is Alfred Morris’ Future In Dallas?

Dallas Cowboys

When it comes to running the football, not many do it better than the Dallas Cowboys

With Ezekiel Elliott, there are not many extra footballs to go around in the Dallas back field.  The NFL’s leading rusher is a throwback to the old workhorse back that we saw many years ago.  Most teams now days have a split back field, but Dallas runs a one where Elliott gets the majority of carries.  Add in the fact that they are looking to get him more involved in the passing game, there will be even fewer snaps to go to the backups on this football team.

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Per, during the OTA’s and minicamp for the Cowboys, rookies were blended in with the veterans for the first time.  The new players got a chance to make an impression, and in Dallas, veterans like Jeff Heath, Orlando Scandrick, and Brice Butler made it clear they weren’t going to give up their spot without a fight.

You would think that would be the case with Alfred Morris too, but it was pretty silent from that part of the team.  Morris was brought in last year to backup then starter Darren McFadden, but that was prior to the team using the fourth-overall pick on Elliott.

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To start the 2016 season, Morris was considered the backup for Elliott, but seemed to lose that job once McFadden came back from his injury he suffered prior to the start of the 2016 season.  It appears that McFadden has that backup job as it sits right now.  Add that to the younger kids Rod Smith (who can also play fullback) and UDFA Jahad Thomas, might seem wiser to keep for their youth.

It might not be smart to assume a player’s stand with a team, but it is interesting to see all the other veterans fighting for their jobs and being vocal about it.  Morris seems to be content about his spot and if it is there so be it.  Players like Scandrick and Butler seem willing to battle it out, but Morris seems willing to just see what happens.

Are we seeing the end of Morris in Dallas?

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