Keys To Beating The Los Angeles Chargers

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys host the Los Angeles Chargers today in a must win game.

The Cowboys have not played the kind of football we all would have hoped over the last two weeks.  In games against the Falcons and Eagles, Dallas had played well in the first half over the last two weeks.  However, games are not won in the first 30 minutes, therefore, losing due to losing game plans for the second half.  This is something that must get cleaned up by both the players and the coaching staff.

That change hopefully comes today when the Chargers come to town.  The Chargers have an elite pass rush led by Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram.  Both players can take over a ballgame by themselves on the defensive side of the ball.  That isn’t a good thing for a team that has had difficulty blocking anyone on defense.

Dallas is looking to get Tyron Smith, which would be a welcome sight.

With Smith in the lineup, it gives the Cowboys one of the best lines in all of football.  Take him out and we have seen a very mediocre group, thanks in part to the play by the backups at LT.

On defense, the Cowboys have played decent, but have been unable to finish a game.  They have played well in the first half, but came out in the second half as a totally different team.  A lot of that has to do with the coaching staff not making the right adjustments.  Something that both Philadelphia and Atlanta were able to do in back-to-back weeks.

If Dallas can get the lead, this defense plays much better.  They have been unable to force a team to be one dimensional.  If that happens, it allows DeMarcus Lawrence and David Irving to pin their ears back and get after the quarterback.


Dallas ground game vs Los Angeles rush D…Dallas advantage.

Los Angeles ground game vs Dallas rush D…equal.

Dallas pass game vs Los Angeles pass D…Dallas advantage (only if Smith plays).

Los Angeles pass game vs Dallas pass D…Los Angeles advantage.

My prediction comes with an “if”, and only because of the players involved.  If the Cowboys have Smith back at LT, I think they win and put up a good amount of points.  If he can’t suit up, it might be a rough afternoon for Prescott and the Cowboys offense.  They can still get the job done, but would need a big game out of their defense.  I think Smith plays, therefore, the Cowboys get the must need win today.

Prediction: Dallas 29 over Los Angeles 24!

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