Kurt Warner Says That Dez Can’t Improve Like Many Older WR’s

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys will make a tough decision during this upcoming off-season.

As the Cowboys prepare for the upcoming off-season, they will have a major decision on this football team.  Dez Bryant is not the same player he once was, and Dallas knows they need cap relief.  With the cap hit that Dez puts on this team, Dallas might be forced to cut ties with their top receiving target.

This past season saw Dez have his worst season as a pro.  It also showed this team how much he has dropped off since his prime years between 2012-2014.  Dez had a bunch of drops during his down season, while being a key reason why this offense struggled in 2017.

One former NFL great gave his opinion on Dez and it likely won’t make him a fan of Dez!

Kurt Warner earned everything he got in this league.  He has seen a lot of receivers come and go during his time in the game.  He says that Dez is a unique talent but doesn’t the best in route running (via 247 Sports).

“Dez [Bryant], we know he’s got unique talent, but he’s not a great route runner. So if I’m putting him in a situation where he’s one-on-one and I’m asking him to win by running routes, I don’t think you’re going to have a lot of success there and I think that’s what we saw this year. You’ve got to find ways to create opportunities for your quarterback, for your playmakers, to move them around, to put them in positions to do what they do best and succeed at it.”

The older you get, the more you rely on the route running of your game.  If Dez isn’t considered a great route runner, the time in the league will not last as long as it could if he were.

Larry Fitzgerald, who played with Warner in Arizona, has lasted in this league for a very long time!

Plenty of that has to do with his hands and play making ability.  But a lot of it also has to do with his route running.  He moved to the slot late in his career, that move didn’t change his way of thinking.  Fitzgerald was just as productive in the slot as he was outside.  I don’t see Dez doing this late in his career.

Personally, I believe Dez still has some great years left in that tank.  However, the time is coming up where he won’t be the same wide receiver, 2017 proved that.  If he wants to continue playing in Dallas, he might need to rethink his idea of a pay cut.  By doing so, he isn’t saying he lost anything.  Bryant is just helping his team be better by using the money saved on someone else.

Can Dez improve his route running?

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