La’el Collins Says That If He Can Walk, He Will Play

Dallas Cowboys

Injuries are part of the game, especially this late in the season.

If you take a poll on the entire league, you will likely find out a good 95% of the league is dealing with some sort of injury.  The other 5% are likely players that have yet to enter a football game.  It’s just part of the game and you just hope you avoid major injury this time of the year.

For the Dallas Cowboys, they are no different, and are dealing with their own share of injuries.  Some are bigger than others, but it’s something you have to deal with.

If it’s up to Collins, and he can walk, he will be out there.  This is a time of year that most players are dealing with things, and if you can be out there, you will (via ESPN).

“We all deal with the things, that’s the thing about this game,” Collins said. “You’re always going to deal with something. If you feel like you can go out there still go out there and get your job done through it all, then, hey, go give it your best try, and if it doesn’t work out at least you tried.”

Just because you don’t practice, doesn’t mean you won’t play on Sunday!

Collins hasn’t practice this week due to a back injury, but this isn’t anything knew for the young right tackle.  As a matter of fact, Collins didn’t practice last week either, but didn’t miss a snap in the game against Washington.  It’s all about how much pain you can handle and if you give your team the best chance to win.

With the back injury, you might be a little safer on how you handle things.  That is what Collins said he did last week, it was about being patient with your blocks.

“More patience. I was telling one of my buddies, dealing with an injury kind of makes you more patient because you try to be less aggressive,” Collins said. “When you’re feeling good, you tend to be a little more aggressive because you’re feeling good. Sometimes it throws you off a little bit. That’s something that comes with the game. If you get injured, you have to slow it down a little bit and have a little bit more patience.”

Being tough isn’t an issue with Collins.  He has the mindset of a tough player and will be out there if possible.

“I’ve been through a lot of tough things and adversity,” Collins said. “I know I’m a mentally tough guy, a physically tough guy so I knew as long as I was feeling good enough to go I was going to go out there and give everything I had. That was my mindset going into it.”

The young RT has been productive in 2017, let’s hope it continues to close out the year in a playoff berth!

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