If Lamar Jackson Is There, Would Dallas Turn Draft Upside Down?

Dallas Cowboys

Lamar Jackson is going to be a special player, if he can stay healthy.

As we get closer and closer to the NFL draft, we will hear some crazy ideas about teams making this pick or trading this player.  All of it sounds great, but most likely they will not happen.

So, let’s make our own off-the-wall draft option!

Jackson is an interesting player to keep an eye on for this draft.  He is an extraordinary talent but lacks the size that you want to see your QB to be.  Some are saying he will be another Robert Griffin III type of player, but I don’t think he will use his legs nearly as often as Griffin did.  That is what truly killed Griffin’s career in this league, he didn’t avoid the hits nearly as much as he should have.  There are times to pull the ball down and run, but you also must realize that you need to get down or get out of bounds to protect your career.

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Personally, Jackson reminds me of a right-handed Michael Vick, but will he have the same longevity in this league as Vick?  Michael wasn’t the biggest player on the field, but to knock him out of the game, you had to catch him first.  That was very difficult to do, but it wasn’t just his legs that he hurt teams with.  He had a tremendous arm that threw the deep ball as well as anyone in the league.

Jackson is being considered behind the likes of Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, and Baker Mayfield.  However, it might be Jackson that is the most electric player in this draft at QB.  What he can do with both his arm and feet is remarkable.  But it’s his size that will scare many teams away from him.

Would Dallas have any thought of Jackson if he is there at No. 19?

There is a very good chance that Jackson will be one of, if not, the best player available at 19.  You want a player that can come in and have an immediate impact with your first-round pick.  That is why you stress taking the best player available.  You don’t want to miss on that first-round pick.

The only way that Jackson will be considered is if he can move to another position and have a huge success there.  Either a player like Kordell Stewart during his “slash” days at Pittsburgh.  Or Terrell Pryor, who made the move to wide receiver after playing QB during his time in college.

I would love if Jackson could be a clone of Stewart, finding ways to put him in the same backfield as Elliott would be lethal.  But that won’t happen, and most likely Dallas will make the right decision and go with LB or WR with that pick at No. 19.

Jackson has a shot at being a great NFL quarterback.  As a fan of Jackson during his college career, I wish him the best as he looks to continue his success in the NFL.  As long as he isn’t playing in Washington, New York, or Philadelphia, I will be keeping my eyes on his career.

Fantasy football has changed the way fans look at the draft, and that is the only reason Jackson would be considered!

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