Why The Looming Suspension Could Be Huge For Alfred Morris

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are bracing for a possible suspension to one of their most important pieces.

With possible suspension looming, Dallas might be looking for a new plan to start the season!

It isn’t any surprise that Ezekiel Elliott is one of the most important players on this football team.  He led the league in rushing as a rookie and was able to chew up the clock, helping his defense play above their talent.  There could be a substantial change in Dallas and it could involve their star running back.

The league has continued to investigate the Elliott domestic violence allegation from last summer.  Despite not having any charges brought up on the former Ohio State RB, the NFL is still doing their own research.

Bloggingtheboys.com asked a simple question in one of their articles.  They asked, what does it mean for this Cowboys team if they are without Zeke?

One name seems to jump out as a 20+ carry back over the other!

With both Darren McFadden and Alfred Morris are both under contract, it has appeared that only one of them would be on the active roster come September.  With the looming possible suspension, Dallas might have a different plan to start the year.  Earlier thought of as the odd man out, Dallas might be wise to hand onto Morris to start the year.

The report about the suspension was that Elliott may miss a game or two to start the season.  Morris seems to be more of a 20-25 carry type of back these days than McFadden does.  He would be the guy I would look towards if the Cowboys lose Zeke for that game or two.

McFadden has tremendous talent, but he seems more like a true backup.  If I had to think of a starter to fill in for Zeke, my vote goes to Morris.

We might be kicking the once thought of premier back too soon.  It wasn’t long ago that the veteran was running over defenses as a member of the hated Washington Redskins.  With limited work in 2016, he might be ready to run over the league again for a game or two.

McFadden might be the better option to fill in a play or two.  But Morris is the better option for a big workload early in the season!

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